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Dr Geoffrey Klempner:
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Philosopher Geoffrey Klempner in 2019 with Roman co-emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus

THIS photograph was taken in 2019 at the British Museum by my eldest daughter Ruth, with her iPhone. With me in the picture are Roman co-emperors Marcus Aurelius and (on the right) Lucius Verus. We were on a visit with my brilliant sister Elli Tikvah Sarah, a prominent Rabbi.

My other sister Julia Saltiel is a highly respected art psychotherapist working in London. We were raised in North London. The family of my mother Edith escaped the Russian pogroms, sailing to England in 1906. My father Paul emigrated from Vienna to South Africa in 1936 where he studied mining engineering and became a mining consultant. He also found time to play ice hockey for the Springboks. After the war, he settled in the UK where he and my mother had first met.

I was widowed in 2009. My greatest achievement is to have raised three exceptionally gifted daughters. Ruth loves photography. She has a wonderful eye. Judith, soon to graduate from Goldsmith's College, is a rising star on the London club DJ scene with bookings in Berlin and New York. The youngest, Francesca, a certified genius well above the level of Mensa, is currently finishing off her Law and Criminology degree at the University of Sheffield.

What about me? I started off on the road to philosophy in 1972. Although I have twelve books on Amazon, it is quite possible that you have never heard of me. I have made my career outside academic philosophy. Sadly, I have lost the little respect I had for those in the profession. As I wrote in Philosophizer's Bible, "The watchword of the Academy is 'follow my leader'... Like myopic sheep, you can hardly see past the dag-encrusted tail of the sheep in front of you."

Ninety-five percent of the people reading this would never pick up a philosophy book unless it was on a course reading list somewhere, or some professor recommended it. I feel sorry for you. As a student, I ignored the reading lists and trawled the secondhand book shops looking for authors I had never heard of. My philosophy library is priceless.

Watch my videos. Read my books. I dare you.

Geoffrey Klempner
July 2019

Email: klempner@fastmail.net


New book on Amazon Kindle by Geoffrey KlempnerNote added 10th June 2020

My latest book A Better Ray Gun and Other Tales is now available in Amazon.

From the description:

"Science fiction has always provided a rich resource for Philosophy. What is different about this collection of twenty short sci-fi stories is that were all written by a Philosopher. They cover every aspect of science fiction. All the familiar 'tropes' are here — with a twist — but these tales are designed to make you think as much as to entertain. They will overturn your expectations, undermine your easy-going assumptions and hopefully make you see the world and yourself differently. Which is all that philosophy sets out to do. Have fun!"



New book on Amazon Kindle by Geoffrey KlempnerNote added 1st June 2020

My new book I Might Not Have Existed But Someone Exactly Like Me Might Have Existed In My Place: the idiotic conundrum is now available in Amazon.

If you read one book of mine this is the one that comes closest to expressing my views about Philosophy, and the problems that are worthy to be reckoned with.

The cover based on Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Vetruvian Man'. The photo was taken when I was 19. If you're curious, the original can be found here. Could that person really be me?!



1964—69 University College School (UCS)
Hampstead, London
1972—76 Ist Class BA Honours Philosophy Birkbeck College, University of London
President of the Birkbeck Philosophy Society 1974—75
Joad Prize for outstanding performance in Finals
1976—82 B.Phil and D.Phil Philosophy at University College, Oxford
Thesis The Metaphysics of Meaning (Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)
Thesis supervisor: John McDowell
Examiners: P.F. Strawson, Paul Snowdon
1982—88 Research in Ethics and Metaphysics (published as Naive Metaphysics: a Theory of Subjective and Objective Worlds Avebury 1994)
1988—2004 Philosophy tutor for the Workers Educational Association, South Yorkshire District, Sheffield Central Branch
1991—95 Philosophy tutor/ lecturer at Sheffield University and Rotherham College of Arts and Technology
1994 Book Naive Metaphysics: a Theory of Subjective and Objective Worlds (292 pp.)
First published in the Avebury Series in Philosophy
Published on Amazon 2016 (Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)
1995 Pathways to Philosophy Distance Learning Programme
Official launch date: 11th October 1995
1995—1997 Six Pathways to Philosophy

The Possible World Machine
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

Searching for the Soul
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

The First Philosophers
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

Language and the World
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

Reason, Values and Conduct
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

The Ultimate Nature of Things
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)
1997 Pathways to Philosophy web site
Launched: August 1997
Original URL: http://www.shef.ac.uk/uni/projects/ptpdlp/

1996—2002 Director of Studies, Philosophical Society of England
1999— Moderator of 'Ask a Philosopher'
2001—2019 Chief Editor of Philosophy Pathways ISSN 2043-0728
2002 Founder member of the International Society for Philosophers
2002— Director of Studies, International Society for Philosophers
2003—2019 Chief Editor of Philosophy for Business ISSN 2043-0736
Personal web pages Electronic Philosopher electronicphilosopher.blogspot.com
Ethical Dilemmas ethicaldilemmas.co.uk
Glass House Philosopher sophist.co.uk/glasshouse/
Hedgehog Philosopher sophist.co.uk/hedgehog/
Metaphysical Journal metaphysicaljournal.blogspot.com
Philosophical Tales philosophicaltales.blogspot.com
Philosophizer philosophizer.co.uk
Philosophizer's Bible philosophizersbible.blogspot.com
Philosophy Q and A tentativeanswers.blogspot.com
Philo Typer philotyper.blogspot.com
Sophist sophist.co.uk
Wood Paths: Articles klempner.freeshell.org/woodpaths.html
Zero RAM zero-ram.blogspot.com
Amazon and Barnes & Noble books The Metaphysics of Meaning
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

Naive Metaphysics: a theory of subjective and objective worlds
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

Philosophy Q and A
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

Ethical Dilemmas: a primer for decision makers
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

Philosophizer (Black Edition)
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

Philosophizer's Bible
(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

I Might Not Have Existed But Someone Exactly Like Me
Might Have Existed In My Place: the idiotic conundrum

(Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble)

A Better Ray Gun and Other Tales:
twenty sci-fi stories with a philosophical twist

(Amazon US, Amazon UK)

(See Amazon.com Author Page for Geoffrey V. Klempner)
Social Media Geoffrey Klempner has a Public Figure page on Facebook, created in 2012 by Eric George. As of August 2019, Dr Klempner is one of the Admins for this page.

If you have any questions for Dr Klempner, philosophical or otherwise. please post them at www.facebook.com/geoffreyklempner.
YouTube videos GVKlempner Channel youtube.com/user/GVKlempner

The ideology of materialism youtu.be/Zw9wWmiWd-4
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Interview Jules Evans Geoffrey Klempner: on taking philosophy beyond academia

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News Media The Washington Post Online, 11th June 2014
A metaphysical inquiry: If Donald Trump retweets a fake Donald Trump quote... does the quote become real? (Caitlin Dewey)

Chartered Management Institute: Insights, 7th January 2015
What use is philosophy to businesspeople?
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Music 'The Singing Philosophizer' (59 sec. YouTube Video) youtu.be/936yJzZXehk
Selected Publications 'The Man Who Folded Himself: Afterword'
David Gerrold The Man Who Folded Himself Benbella Books 2003
Philosophy Pathways Issue 41 2002

'Pathways to Philosophy: Seven Years On'
Practical Philosophy Journal for the Society for Philosophy in Practice Vol. 6. No. 1 2003
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'The Business Arena'
Philosophy for Business Issue 5 2004

'Ethics and Advertising'
Jennifer Gunning and Soren Holm Eds. Ethics, Law and Society Vol. 2 Ashgate 2006
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'The Pathways School of Philosophy'
Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers APA Newsletters Vol. 7 No. 1 2007
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'Philosophy in the Business Arena'
Philosophical Practice Journal of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association, Vol. 4 No. 1 2009
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'Philosophy, Ethics and Dialogue'
Journal of Dialogue Studies Vol. 2 No. 2 2014
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