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pathways (programs)

Pathways to Philosophy
adventures in distance learning

The six Pathways to Philosophy were developed over a period of three years 1995–8 through dialogue with our first correspondence students. Since then, many hundreds of students have contributed to on-going development of the Pathways project.

Pathways was designed from the start as a distance learning program. Each program is book length, divided into fifteen units with a set of essay questions accompanying each group of three units. You can download the material all at once or one unit at a time — whichever works best for you.

To complete a Pathways program you are required to upload five essays of at least 800 words, one essay for each group of three units. Each essay is moderated by the Director of Studies. If it passes moderation it is added to the Pathways essay cabinet where it is available to be studied and reviewed by other Pathways students.

To apply for the Six Pathways to Philosophy, please submit the Pathways application form. We recommend that you combine Pathways with membership of the International Society for Philosophers (ISFP).

The ISFP is a worldwide community of philosophy students and enthusiasts in over 90 countries founded in 2002. ISFP members can submit work for the Associate and Fellowship Awards of the ISFP.

If you have any questions about Pathways or the International Society for Philosophers, please use the Comments Form or e-mail klempner@fastmail.net.


Six Pathways programs  Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Moral Philosophy and Metaphysics

Following your pathway  More about how the program works as well as options available for students who have completed one or more of the six Pathways

Writing a philosophy essay  Importance of writing in the study of philosophy with advice designed to help with your first philosophy essay

Philosophy book list  Reviews of some of the contemporary and classical philosophy books available for the beginning student

Pathways programs on Amazon  Each of the six Pathways programs is now available in paperback or Amazon Kindle eBook

Academic recognition  Plaudits from the world of academic philosophy

Pathways application form  One-off membership fee for the six Pathways to Philosophy