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Shauneen Furlong

Pathways Mentors: Shauneen Furlong

In 2012 Shauneen Furlong received a PhD in Computer Science from Liverpool John Moores University for her thesis, 'Transformational eGovernment Through Enhanced Project Management'. She was awarded an IBM Fellowship — the only Canadian out of a dozen awarded world-wide. She has a BA in Philosophy, a Masters degree in Business Administration Economics and also in Project Management, and is a Project Management Professional (PMP).

She is on the Advisory Committee for the Athabasca University MBA program, and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) Women in Technology National Advisory Board. She is a registered senior consultant with Gov3 (Government for the Third Millennium), and member of an international research network with the University of Westminster.

She is one of a handful of Canadian executives who were part of the policy development and implementation team in the Treasury Board Secretariat that initiated the Government On-Line initiative across the federal government. Prior to working in Treasury Board, Shauneen worked in the Department of Finance under Canada's previous Prime Minister who, as Minister of Finance, funded the GOL initiative. She has participated as part of the Canadian delegation at the WITSA (World Information Technology and Services Alliance) Conference in Australia in 2002 and Athens in 2004, and represented Canada at the WITSA Public Policy Meeting in Cairo in 2007.

Currently, Shauneen works as an independent consultant and lecturer on e-government and project management with the Universities of Toronto and Ottawa. Over the last couple of years, she has worked in the UK, Middle East, Europe, East Africa, Egypt, China and Turkey; and with the United Nations University in Macao, Conference Board of Canada, Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), and the World Bank in Washington.