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Dena Hurst

Pathways Mentors: Dena Hurst

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in philosophy from Stetson University and a Master of Arts and a doctorate in Philosophy from Florida State University. My area of specialization is social and political philosophy. I have taught courses on Modern and Contemporary Political Philosophy; Race, Class, and Gender; Continental Philosophy; and Marxism. My research interests include the intersection of philosophy with other disciplines, such as the philosophy of education, philosophy of psychology, and philosophy in art, literature, and myth.

My professional life is as eclectic as my research interests. I am an instructor in Florida State University's Department of Philosophy. I have worked for the Florida Institute of Government for the past fifteen years. I served as the Institute's chief operations officer and lead researcher, but in January 2007 I stepped down to focus more intently on my research and publishing efforts, teaching, and consulting.

In 2004, I founded Expanding Human Consciousness, Inc. (EHC), a not-for-profit private educational foundation with an international and interdisciplinary mission. EHC offers an open forum for scholars, artists, political leaders, activists, and forward thinking individuals to meet and discuss original and innovative ideas and research in the context of contemporary world events. I serve as the project manager and facilitator for all of EHC's events.

In 2007, I joined Jorgensen Learning Center (JLC), a consulting company that focuses on developing leadership capabilities in individuals and organizations. At JLC, my work includes teaching leaders how to cultivate a vision and sense of purpose, engage others in the vision, nurture creativity, and foster an environment of continual learning. I lead seminars, give keynote speeches, and provide one-on-one professional coaching and counseling.

I currently live in Tallahassee, Florida, with one daughter, one cat, and two dogs.