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Bruce Gahir

Pathways Mentors: Bruce Gahir

Bruce Gahir gained a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics and Physics from Bedford College London and then a MSc in Nuclear Physics, before going on to Birkbeck College London to study Philosophy where he gained a BA. (Hons). Bruce them moved to the financial/ banking sector becoming a management accountant and working with HSBC in London for four years before he moved into teaching.

Currently Bruce lives in Prague and is lecturing at Prague College in Financial Management, Business Ethics and Information Systems. Bruce's undergraduate philosophy thesis is concerned with the 'Role of Emotion in Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean'.

Bruce's other main areas of interest are the application of emotion to the ethical framework governing the business domain, and attempting to understand the Samurai Code of Honour and extend its applications into the business domain.

Bruce writes:

"I think that the Pathways Philosophy program is unique not only in its content and academic rigour but also because of the motive of the person who leads it. Geoffrey is an example of a modern day sophist bringing his energy together to make the world aware of philosophy in a most interesting and creative way. I endeavour to assist him in this venture."