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Kevin Macnish

Pathways Mentors: Kevin Macnish

Having grown up in Berlin, Kevin fell into philosophy through an interest in Marxism-Leninism when studying for his A-levels. He went on to study philosophy at the University of Leeds and spent six months at the University of Aarhus, Denmark as part of the ERASMUS programme. Throughout his BA his interests remained largely in the political and ethical sphere, culminating in his final dissertation concerning the possibility of justifying terrorism.

Having graduated with a first, and somewhat disillusioned with the possibility of philosophy ever going anywhere, Kevin took an MA in International Relations at the University of East Anglia. This didn't hold very many answers either so he quit academia and worked for the British government for a while, ending up in Washington DC for a few years. Displaying something of a phobia of commitment, Kevin then left the government and attended a seminary in North Carolina, where he earned an MA in theology and philosophy. He currently works with an international Christian community in Florence (Italy, not Alabama).


Kevin's primary interests are in the field of medieval metaphysics, which he thinks can solve all of the world's problems if only we'd be prepared to admit the mistakes of the last 700 years. With this as a starting point, he is also interested in the philosophy of religion, the history of philosophy and the philosophy of history. His two concessions to the modern period are a lingering fascination with political philosophy and with the philosophy of Martin Heidegger, who comes about as close as anyone today to the medieval enterprise, despite his political inclinations.

Kevin's most recent work has been on the philosophies of history of Martin Heidegger and Rudolf Bultmann and on the ethics of Aquinas and Levinas. At some stage in the future, Kevin is hoping to study for a PhD in the application of Thomistic metaphysics to the philosophies of time and history.