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Rachel Browne (1960–2015)


Pathways Mentors: Rachel Browne

Rachel Browne gained a BA (Hons) degree in Philosophy from King's College London in 1990 and went on to University College London where she studied for an M.Phil for two years before switching to Postgraduate Diplomas in Law from Westminster University London and the College of Law London. Her ISFP Fellowship Dissertation Ethical Relations looks at interconnections between the work of Melanie Klein and the philosophers Martin Buber and Emmanuel Levinas.

Rachel's other main areas of interest are philosophy of mind, aesthetics and the philosophy of gender. Her controversial review of Alan Soble Pornography, Sex and Feminism appeared in Philosophy Pathways Issue 112.

Rachel writes:

"At university we were told that we should be serious about philosophy, but not earnest.

"Sadly, a tutor told me that I didn't even take it seriously.

"But I admire it greatly and feel honoured to be involved with Pathways. The Morality Program beats ethics as taught at university and the Possible World Program is a great read."

Memorial issue for Rachel Browne Philosophy Pathways 199