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Pathways Links Page

Every web site ought to have a links page. You invite visitors in — when they could easily have gone elsewhere! — so it seems a simple matter of politeness to point out a few directions your visitors might take when they leave.

I have collected here philosophy and distance learning pages from various parts of the world with links to Pathways, as a speedy way of finding further relevant links. The arrangement is perfectly democratic, with mega-sites listed alongside personal home pages. If you have a web site, large or small, please let me know if you would like to add a link to Pathways, and I will add a reciprocal link.

Please e-mail me at: klempner@fastmail.net to tell me about dead or resuscitated links, or if you know of any web pages that ought to be added to this list. Or you can use the Comments form.

Thank you to all the web masters who have recently added links to the Pathways web sites!

Pathways to Philosophy https://philosophypathways.com
Ask a Philosopher https://philosophypathways.com/questions/
PhiloSophos Knowledge Basehttp://philosophos.org
The Ten Big Questions http://www.123infinity.com
The Glass House Philosopher http://sophist.co.uk/glasshouse/
The Possible World Machine http://klempner.freeshell.org/world/
Wood Paths http://klempner.freeshell.org
Electronic Philosopher http://electronicphilosopher.blogspot.com
Tentative Answers http://tentativeanswers.blogspot.com

Here are some more Pathways pages where you will find philosophy links:

Pathways Top 10 Philosophy Sites https://philosophypathways.com/topten.html
Philosophy For All https://philosophypathways.com/index2.html#philosophy
Philosophy of A-Z http://klempner.co.uk/aletheia/

Link Page Main Page Author/ Webmaster
About This Web Site Critique of Pure Reason Alistair Robinson
A-Level Philosophy: Useful Links Routledge A-Level Philosophy ---
A-Level Philosophy: Useful Links A-Level Philosophy Michael Lacewing
Algemeen Filosofie en Ethiek Ethiek Frans Hoppenbrouwers, Niek Wiskerke
Als je logisch nadenkt is iets logisch soms veel minder logisch Adams Appel TV programme, University of Groningen ---
Annette's Philosophenstubchen — Surfbrett Annette's Philosophenstubchen Annette Schlemm
Αρχείο - Σύνδεσμοι Φιλοσοφία της επιστήμης ---
Ask an Expert Aussie Educator ---
Atheism Positive Atheism Cliff Walker
BA Philosophy Additional Educational Support University of London International Programme: Philosophy ---
British Philosophy Erratic Impact Philosophy Research Study Guide Danne Polk
Browsing Authors The Online Books Page John Mark Ockerbloom
Business Ethics, Business Philosophy and Corporate Philosophy Erratic Impact Brainworker's Journal Martin Herzog
Centre For Social and Political Thought: Collections University of Sussex CSPT Alana Lentin
Characteristics of a Philosophical Problem Lander University: Philosophy Home Page ---
Collections of Syllabi and Course Materials Guide to Philosophy on the Internet Peter Suber
Community Tools: Useful Links University of Toronto: Joint Centre for Bioethics ---
DAN E-Newsletter 2009 Dialogue Australasia Network ---
Die Ultimativen Linksammlungen zur Philosophie Servus bei Herbert Huber Herbert Huber Wasserberg
EDU2: Philosophy ABCentral E.J. Inglis-Arkell
Eighteenth-Century Resources — Philosophy Eighteenth-Century Resources Jack Lynch
Enlaces a Webs Filosofia para Ninos Argentina ---
Enlaces de interes sobre filosofia general Pagina sobre Xavier Zubiri Roberto Hernaez
Explore Philosophy Dr Jack Russell Weinstein's Philosophy Page Jack Weinstein
Extraspherical Resources Twinsphere ---
FAQ: About the Philosophy Blog Philosophy Blog ---
Feggy's Home Page Feggyn Kotisivu Markku Roinila
Filosofi och Psykologi Molndal Stadsbibliotek Lannkatalog ---
Filosofia Universitat Pompeu Fabra — Humanitats ---
Filosofie Links fambof.nl ---
General Websites and Philosophical Organisations Philosophy — Bishop's University Michael J. van Lierop
Graduate Opportunities Dept of Philosophy Trinity University ---
Great Self-Educational Resource Links on the Web University of Neoliberal Arts Keith N. Ferreira
Guides to Philosophy APA Online Jim Kiley-Zufelt
Guide to Philosophy on the Net Eastern and Western Philosophy Prakash Arumagam
History of Philosophy Proceedings of the Friesian School Kelley L. Ross
Home Page of Rajgopal Nidamboor Wordoscope Rajgopal Nidamboor
I Link Therefore I Am Daily Telegraph: Education Marianne Talbot
Instructional Resources University of Florida Philosophy Collections Blake Landor
Internetphilo Historia, Cultura Alfred deNoyelle
IPO News: Interview with Bruno Curko Hungarian Philosophical Society ---
ISIL Freedom Network: Global > Websites > Philosophy International Society for Individual Liberty ---
Journals Episteme Links Thomas Stone
Kantian Review The UK Kant Society Sorin Baiasu
Keele Guide to Political Thought and Ideology on the internet Government and Politics on the Internet Martin Harrison
Lankar Nordiskt Natwork For Pedagogisk Filosofi Peter Erlandson
Lankarkiv Cognito.se ---
La Philosophie sur Internet Philosophie Claude Gagnon, Josette Lanteigne
La Philosophie sur le Web Enseigner la Philosophie dans l'academie d'Amiens Carole Prompsy, Francois Foreaux
Leeds Philosophy Cafe — Useful Info Leeds Philosophy Cafe ---
Lenker til releventer sider Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst: Research on Telemann's Cantatas 1725, Norway ---
Liens divers et sites philosophiques PIM — Philosophie, Informatique, Mathematiques Patrick Peccatte
Ligacoes Estudar Filosofia Jaime Quintas
Links Analects and Dialogue: Department of Philosophy Capital Normal University, China ---
Links Centre for Political Thought, Krakow Osrodek Mysli Politycznej
Links Collegium Philosophicum Anton Schmitt
Links DialogueWORKS Simon Geschwindt
Links EGAIS The Ethical Governance of Emerging Technologies ---
Links Franz Kiekeben's Page Franz Kiekeben
Links Kritike: An Online Journal of Philosophy ---
Links Practical Philosophy Gerald Rochelle
Links Psicologo - Guadalajara ---
Links Prof Nicla Vassallo, University of Genova Nicla Vassallo
Links for Philosophy and Religious Studies Potter College of Arts and Letters ---
Links page 84 Imam Sadiq(as) University, Iran ---
Links to Philosophical and Related Web Sites Washington Philosophy Circle Ralph Dumain
Links to Philosophy on the Web San Diego State University Dept of Philosophy Tom Weston
Linkkikokoelma Filosofia.fi — Portti Filosofiaan ---
Metafizyka ogolna: Ontologia: powrot Diametros: Internetowy Serwis Filozoficzny ---
Michael DeBow's Links Page Michael E. DeBow Cumberland School of Law Michael E. DeBow
More Links... Paul Turpin, University of the Pacific Paul Turpin
More online philosophy research tools University of Southern Maine James Lindenschmidt
More people with online philosophy Mirror on Philosophy and Culture, Iran ---
My Virtual Encyclopaedia: Philosophy and Religion My Virtual Reference Desk Bob Drudge
News Events The Calabasas Institute of Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, California ---
NGOs — We and Others World-Wide Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum ---
On-Line Advice Columns Faversham Stoa Rob Wheeler
Online Courses: Social Sciences Internet Surf Shack John Taylor
Online Philosophy and Philosophers Zeroland Adrian Hart
Online Philosophy Resources Wayne A. Borody, Nipissing University Wayne A. Borody
Online Resources British Philosophical Association Helen Beebee
PES Resources Philosophy of Education Society Jeffrey Ayala Milligan
PFA Links Philosophy For All ---
Philosophical Resources Dept of Philosophy Northern Illinois University ---
Philosophie im Internet — Sonstiges Philosophie... Claus Oszuszky
Philosophische Gesellschaften und Vereine Philosophers Today Dr Joachim Koch
Philosophy CCNY Libraries ---
Philosophy Intute Web Resources Emma Worsfold
Philosophy and Ethics CMIS Australia ---
Philosophy and Ethics Web Links Philosophy and Ethics Mel Thompson
Philosophy and Pedagogy Links Mark Steen's Philosophy Homepage Mark Steen
Philosophy and Religion Treehead's Net ---
Philosophy at UBC Resources University of British Columbia Dept of Philosophy Murat Aydede
Philosophy Courses Philosophy Now Online Rick Lewis
Philosophy Courses Meanings of Life Eduardo Reisinho
Philosophy: Effectuationism Links Effectuationism Peter Kinane
Philosophy eResources Dialogue Australasia Network ---
Philosophy Forum/ Theories on Life Captain Cynic Forums and Discussion Dawn
Philosophy in the Internet [in Greek] Kathimerini Portal Anastasios Oikonomou
Philosophy Internet Resources University of Evansville Libraries Meg Atwater-Singer
Philosophy Links STARGAZERS: Stories of the First Philosophers Paul Bjarnason
Philosophy Links QUFD Einstein's Legacy Father Jerome
Philosophy On Line The Fountain of Language Jon Mann
Philosophy on the Web Dallas Philosophers Forum ---
Philosophy on the Web Dept of Philosophy, Lehman College NY ---
Philosophy Pedagogy Philosophy Research Base Danne Polk
Philosophy: People and Organisations University of Auckland Library Resources P Abela
Philosophy: People and Organisations University of Auckland Library Resources P Abela
Philosophy Research Links Jeremy Anderson PhD, DePauw University Jeremy Anderson
Philosophy Resources Governors State University Library ---
Philosophy Resources Hotz History Jessica Hotz
Philosophy Sites The Parmenideum Habeeb Marouf
Philosophy: Unintelligible Answers to Insoluble Problems Marnie and John Burke Memorial Library ---
Philosophy — Web Sites University Libraries, University of Washington Alex Wade
Povezave Zofijini lovers — Society for Humanitarian Development ---
Practical Philosophy Links Tim LeBon's Practical Philosophy, Personal Development and Counselling Site Tim LeBon
Rationally Speaking Episode 10: Nonsense on Stilts Rationally Speaking Massimo Pigliucci, Julia Galef
Recently in Filosofi Category Universitetet I Oslo: Humaniorastudier i Pedagogikk Blogg ---
Related Anthropology Resources on the Web John Friedrich Blumenbach and the Emergence of Scientific Anthropology Roger Brisson
Related Web Sites HyperHistory Andreas Nothiger
Relevant sites for foreign philosophy Taiwan Philosophical Association ---
Religious and Ethical Studies University of Queensland Cyberschool ---
Research Philosophy: Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi ---
Research and Learning Durham Personal Computer Users' Club Dan DeLong
Research Guide for Philosophy Portland State University Library ---
ResearchInfo: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Teaching, Learning and Exploring the Book ZAMM Henry Gurr
Resources Nicholaos Jones, University of Alabama Nicholaos Jones
Saites Rigas Laiks, Latvia Samanta Grancovska
Selection of web sites for Philosophy and the Human Situation (A211) ROUTES: Resources for Open University Teachers and Students ---
Sitios de Interes Mathesis, Argentina Florencia Sal
Subject Guide Philosophy @ Large Stephen Clark
Subject Guide for Philosophy Research: Tulsa City-County Library ---
Subject Guides Philosophy Dominican College Portal, NY ---
Studium und Universitaet Philosophie-Seiten Dieter Kohler
Taiwan-related organizations Research Centre for East-West Philosophy and Hermeneutics, Taiwan Lai Xianzong
Taoist Links Digital Resources of Traditional Chinese Taoist (Daoist) Culture Jiang Men-Ma
Teaching and Learning Philweb Bibliographical Archive Richard L.W. Clarke
Teaching Philosophy Lee Walters University College London Lee Walters
Teaching Resources British Philosophy of Sport Association Mike McNamee
Teaching Resources Postgraduate Education in Medical Bioethics Fraz Howard
Textos de Filosofos RFP Red Filosofica Peruana ---
The History of Philosophy Shetland Islands Council: Shetland Library Philosophy Index ---
Useful Links: Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method LSE Dept of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method ---
Useful Sites for Students J.M. Fritzman — Lewis and Clark College J.M. Fritzman
Vacation Courses and Continuing Education: UK Philosophy Around the Web Peter King
Web Resources Northwestern Regional Library, North Carolina ---
Web Resources on Practical Philosophy K.V. Consulting Francoise Karolyn Verville
Websites of Note Salem State University LibGuides: Philosophy ---