Pathways to Philosophy
Pathways to Philosophy
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Six Pathways

Certificate in Philosophy from the
International Society for

"I am full of admiration. The courses were interesting, thought provoking and taught me a lot. The extensive comments on my work taught me to be precise and careful about what I said and how I said it."

Kathleen Critchett
Pathways student
Wales, UK

Associate Program

Associate Award from the
International Society for

"I was able to bounce ideas off an accomplished philosopher and receive essential criticism. I felt understood. Pathways gave me the experience and confidence to start philosophy at university."

Justin Woods
Associate student
Sydney, Australia

Fellowship Program

Fellowship Award from the
International Society for

"My mentor is thoughtful, insightful, and treats those of us who are not at his level in philosophy with dignity and respect. If one wants to learn philosophy Pathways is a wonderful opportunity."

George Brooks
Fellowship student
California, USA

Diploma and BA

Diploma and BA (Hons) from the
University of London
International Programme

"You have helped my studies enormously. Your comments are always highly accurate and actionable. I find my study of philosophy rewarding and helpful in all sorts of unexpected ways."

Julian Plumley
BA (Hons) student
Geneva, Switzerland
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Take one or more of the Pathways to Philosophy if you are looking for a course to stimulate you and engage your interest in the central questions of philosophy. Or use Pathways to prepare for university entry.

The Associate Award from the ISFP is suitable if you already have definite ideas for developing your own study plan, or if you are taking, or have successfully completed one of the six Pathways programs.

The Fellowship Award from the ISFP is designed for more advanced students who have successfully completed the Associate Award, or who have, or are studying for a Philosophy BA or MA degree.

Pathways offers comprehensive tutorial support for students who have applied and registered with the University of London International Programme to study for a Diploma or BA degree in Philosophy.


"Take an apparently 'free' (i.e. unconstrained) action like taking the money from the till. The bank clerk who is overcome by desire to purchase an expensive consumer item is acting like a 'slave to his passions', while the bank clerk who takes the money for a selfless reason is more 'free'. You might raise the question whether being 'determined by reason' is necessarily being determined to an ethical end, as this example implies, or whether on the contrary, there could be a supremely 'free' master criminal, who possesses superlative will power and ability to resist his passions."

Spinoza on human freedom

Geoffrey Klempner: Electronic Philosopher
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