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Adobe Acrobat Introduction

Here you will find files for download. These files may be freely distributed on condition that the format or contents are not altered in any way.

As a matter of courtesy, please let us know if you intend to publish any of the materials made available on this page.

The files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be read and printed out by both PC and Macintosh computers. The Adobe Acrobat reader can be obtained free from the Adobe web site at http://www.adobe.com.

If you experience any problems with downloading, viewing or printing these files, please e-mail Geoffrey Klempner at klempner@fastmail.net and I will do my best to help.


Philosophizer's Bible Preview
Philosophizer's Bible — Preview

by Geoffrey Klempner

Download the Philosophizer's Bible Preview

'Imagine you are Alice, in Alice in Wonderland, or Through the Looking Glass, or Dorothy in Wizard of Oz — or Neo in 'The Matrix' (the movie script cleverly references Alice and Dorothy in the same scene). You are about to embark on a mini-adventure, which is also designed as a course of instruction (kind of, if you are willing to be instructed). Try not to anticipate. Let go, if you can. Let the ride carry you along.

'This book may change you. At least, that is the author's intention. It won't make you cleverer or more knowledgeable, or better at spinning arguments. But if you let it, it will give you something more precious: it will show you, or give a hint anyway, of what there is to be seen — I mean, down there.

'You will see things differently — maybe even in colours you have never experienced before. You will become suspicious of things you were never suspicious of before. Just like Descartes, you will learn to doubt things you previously never thought of doubting — including your own precious sense of who you are.' (chapter 2, 'Fairground ride')

Amazon (UK) amazon.co.uk/dp/B07N57R4HY


Philosophizer - Preview
Philosophizer — Preview

by Geoffrey Klempner

Download the Philosophizer Preview

'From nonsense, comes sense, and from sense, nonsense. Words lined up like Lego bricks. The order is immaterial. Each word names a thought — red, white, blue, yellow. Yes, no, life, death. Out of these comes the accumulated culture of the human race.' (chapter 1, 'Sphinx of black quartz')

'If Salinger, Woody Allen, the later Wittgenstein, Julio Cortazar, Mallarme, Patti Smith, and Baudrillard attempted to write a book together, it would be like this — Including the sound of r'n'r of the 1960s and 1970s.' (Sanja Ivic)

'A celebration of philosophy on philosophy's own terms — a search for hard-nosed metaphysical objectivity by means of a vulnerable and very personal investigation.' (Matthew Sims)

Amazon (UK) amazon.co.uk/dp/B01J0L19KE

More information, picture gallery and video links at philosophizer.co.uk.


Pathways story
The Pathways story

Download The Pathways Story (Zip)

This file comprises of four key offprints of articles by Geoffrey Klempner which tell the story of the Pathways School of Philosophy over the first 12 years 1995–2007:

'Philosophy from a Distance' The Philosopher 1997
Download PDF

'Pathways to Philosophy: Seven Years On' Practical Philosophy 2003
Download PDF

'The Pathways School of Philosophy' APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers 2007
Download PDF

'Voyages in the Possible World Machine' SAPERE Newsletter 2007
Download PDF


Possible world machine
Possible world machine

Download The Possible World Machine

This file contains the fifteen short stories and introductions from Pathways Program A. Introduction to Philosophy The Possible World Machine.

CONTENTS: The possible world machine, the black box, walkabout, a case of doubt, a lesson in biology, the insurance policy, a moral tale, the good witness, the fatalists, the ministry of perception, Dr Johnson's boots, space hopper, the window of consciousness, message from a lonely planet, Morgan's farewell.


Ask a philosopher
Ask a philosopher

Download Ask a Philosopher

This file contains questions and answers selected from the Ask a Philosopher pages. The questions were answered by Geoffrey Klempner between August 1999 and January 2001.

The e-text was originally commissioned by Paulo Ghiraldelli Jr. for the use of students at the State University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

For the lastest answers by Geoffrey Klempner and the other members of the Ask a Philosopher panel see the current page of Questions and Answers.


Dilemmas in social philosophy
Dilemmas in social philosophy

Download Dilemmas in Social Philosophy

Download Social Philosophy Instructors Manual

Dilemmas in Social Philosophy is a reader by Phil Washburn, edited by Matthew Del Nevo for Pathways Schools Australia, a project of the International Society for Philosophers.

The reader consists of two documents: a student text, together with an instructor's manual.

CONTENTS: Is Society based on a contract? Is liberty the highest social value? Is equality the highest social value? Is capitalism just? Should we establish a world government? Is ethnicity essential to identity? Connections: individualist or relationist?


Continental community of inquiry
Continental community of inquiry

Download Continental Community of Inquiry

Continental Community of Inquiry is a collection of texts selected — and in some cases translated — by Matthew del Nevo.

The introductory section explains the community of inquiry approach to continental philosophy and gives advice to students and teachers. The texts are suitable for students of any age, for beginners or more experienced students.

The collection includes a Preface by Matthew Lipman, who has pioneered the idea of a community of inquiry and philosophy for children.


Naive Metaphysics
Naive Metaphysics: a theory of subjective and objective worlds

Download Naive Metaphysics Preview

This file contains the first four chapters of Geoffrey Klempner's book Naive Metaphysics, originally published by Avebury in 1994, and now published in Kindle. Suitable for more advanced students.

'I will argue that the fact that I am here is not an empirical fact but a metaphysical fact: the fact that there exists my subjective world.' (From the Preface to the 2016 Edition)