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Apply for the six Pathways to Philosophy programs:

PROGRAM A. Introduction to Philosophy The Possible World Machine

PROGRAM B. Philosophy of Mind Searching for the Soul

PROGRAM C. Ancient Philosophy The First Philosophers

PROGRAM D. Philosophy of Language Langage and the World

PROGRAM E. Moral Philosophy Reason, Values and Conduct

PROGRAM F. Metaphysics The Ultimate Nature of Things

International Society for Philosophers The six Pathways to Philosophy programs are a self-contained course for distance learning or home study which can optionally be taken in conjunction with life membership of the International Society for Philosophers (ISFP).

ISFP members have the opportunity to submit essay portfolios and disssertations for the ISFP Associate and Fellowship Awards.


Fees to Pathways and the ISFP

Starting in May 2016, a new more flexible application process and fee structure has been arranged for Pathways to Philosophy and ISFP online courses. Instead of a single combined application there are now three separate options:

— Six Pathways to Philosophy programs: Please complete this form.

— Associate and Fellowship programs: Please complete the ISFP membership form.

— Six Pathways to Philosophy programs with ISFP life membership: Please complete this form and also complete the ISFP membership form.

The one-time inclusive fee for the Six Pathways to Philosophy programs is 280 GBP (UK Pounds). The one-time fee for life membership of the ISFP is 120 GBP. After you have successfully submitted your Pathways or ISFP application form a PayPal payment button will appear.

Whichever option you choose, you can also request a free subscription to the Pathways/ ISFP electronic journals Philosophy Pathways and Philosophy for Business.


Your details and options