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pathways (programs)

Pathways to Philosophy
how it all works

On this page we will give a brief outline of the nuts and bolts of the Pathways to Philosophy programs — the different stages and components and how they all fit together. Follow the links for more information about each stage.

Six Pathways

First of all, you need to choose one of the six Pathways. Take your time over this! The programs are graded in terms of difficulty.


Following your Pathway

How does one study philosophy? Here we explain how to get the right mindset and also how to apply that knowledge.

Writing a philosophy essay

Essay writing is an essential part of studying philosophy. There's no magic formula but no mystery either.


Pathways book list

We strongly recommend that you read at least one or two books along with your program. Here are some recommendations.

Student peer review

Who said that students can't teach? Reviewing the essays written by other students is a vital aspect of your course.


Essay submission

Nothing to be afraid of! Here you will upload your essays and essay reviews for the benefit of other Pathways students.

Essay cabinet

This is where you will find the essays and essay reviews which have been uploaded by other Pathways students. Enjoy!


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