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PHILOSOPHY PATHWAYS electronic journal


The Pathways e-mail newsletter, Philosophy Pathways was launched in January 2001. Back issues are archived here. Selected older articles from the newsletter are posted on the PhiloSophos web site.

If you would like to be added to the email distribution list for Philosophy Pathways, or unsubscribe, please go to https://lists.shef.ac.uk/sympa/info/philosophypathways.


Contributions to Philosophy Pathways are welcomed from any source. Submissions can take the form of an article on a philosophical topic, or a response to a previously published article, or news about a recent or forthcoming philosophical event.

If you are submitting an article, there are no limitations on subject matter, but we would prefer if you kept footnotes and technicalities to a minimum. The length of articles should normally be around 800—4000 words. The target length is 2500 words.

Please email your article to the List Manager Geoffrey Klempner at klempner@fastmail.net for distribution to all the Pathways Editors. Or you can email an Editor directly.


[about the editors]

The Editor for Issue 196 of Philosophy Pathways is Matthew Sims, who is currently reading for a BA (Hons) in Philosophy with the University of London International Programme. Email sims303@hotmail.com.

The Editor for Issue 195 of Philosophy Pathways is Mike Adams, a PhD student at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. Email mike@mikeadamsartist.com.

The Editor for Issue 194 of Philosophy Pathways is Richard Grego, philosopher and cultural historian in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Southern New Hampshire University. Email richard.grego@fscj.edu.

The Editor for Issue 193 of Philosophy Pathways is Martin Jenkins, Fellow of the International Society for Philosophers. Email martinllowarch.jenkins@virgin.net.

The Editor for Issue 191 of Philosophy Pathways is Nicole Note, from the Free University of Brussels. Email nnote@vub.ac.be.

The Editor for Issue 190 of Philosophy Pathways is Pieter Meurs, from the Free University of Brussels. Email Pieter.Meurs@vub.ac.be.

The Editor for Issue 189 of Philosophy Pathways is Eric DeJardin, who is currently reading for a BA (Hons) in Philosophy with the University of London International Programme. Email dejardin@cox.net.

The Editor for Issue 188 of Philosophy Pathways is Daoud Khashaba, an independent philosopher who has published numerous books including Plato: An Interpretation. Email dkhashaba@yahoo.com.

The Editor for Issue 187 of Philosophy Pathways is Timothy E. Taylor, from the Interdisciplinary Applied Ethics Centre at Leeds University. Email phltet@leeds.ac.uk or tim.e.taylor@talk21.com.

The Editor for Issue 186 of Philosophy Pathways is Christopher Norris, Distinguished Research Professor in Philosophy at Cardiff University. Email NorrisC@cardiff.ac.uk.

The Editor for Issue 185 of Philosophy Pathways is Peter Jones, Fellow of the International Society for Philosophers. Email peterjones2345@btinternet.com.

The Editor for Issue 184 of Philosophy Pathways is Donovan Roebert, the South African artist and writer. Email roebert@hermanus.co.za.

The Editor for Issue 179 and 183 of Philosophy Pathways is Erwin Laya, Professor at Brokenshire College Philippines. Email erwinus_layaski@yahoo.com.

The Editor for Issue 182 of Philosophy Pathways is Sharon Kaye, Professor of Philosophy at John Carroll University in Cleveland Ohio, USA. Email sharonkaye5@gmail.com.

The Editor for Issue 180 of Philosophy Pathways is Martin Jenkins, Fellow of the International Society for Philosophers. Email martinllowarch.jenkins@virgin.net.

More information on the Pathways Editors can be found on the page About the Editors.


Philosophy Pathways and its sister journal Philosophy for Business are published by the International Society for Philosophers and distributed by email via the University of Sheffield list server.

In submitting material, the author grants the publisher of Philosophy Pathways the non-exclusive right to publish the material by e-mail or on any of the Pathways web sites. Submitted material remains the copyright of the author.

Philosophy Pathways is an open access journal, as defined by the Budapest Open Access Initiative.

Philosophy Pathways Archive



Philosophy Pathways Issue 196 24 September 2015

Edited by Matthew Sims
'Dualism and the Individuation of Cartesian Minds: Grappling with Strawson's Anti-Dualism Arguments in 'Self, Mind and Body'' by Eric DeJardin
On the Validity of Quantum Consciousness' by Catherine Nickford
'Can Consciousness Emerge in a Machine Simulation?' by Yissar Lior Israeli
'Limiting the Self -- Extended Cognition and Standing States' by Matthew Sims

Philosophy Pathways Issue 195 21 August 2015

Edited by Mike Adams
'Aesthetic Intuition Apodicticity' by Wilson Hurst
'Purism: Meta-Politicized Concrescence and Critique' by Lorena Morales Aparicio
'Poly-Subjectivism at the Cosmic Dinner Table' by Mike Adams

Philosophy Pathways Issue 194 11 June 2015

Edited by Richard Grego
'Beethoven the Philosopher: A Reflection' by Linda Brown Holt
'The Metaphysics of Bergson: A Critical Examination' by Ayodeji W. Adesoye
'The Ambiguity and Existentialism of Human Sexuality in The Unbearable Lightness of Being' by John Hansen
'Compatibilism, Physicalism, the Consequence Argument, and Criminal Responsibility in a Retributive Justice System' by Richard Grego

Philosophy Pathways Issue 193 23 April 2015

Edited by Martin Jenkins
'Truth and Philosophy in Plato's Symposium' by D.R. Khashaba
'Metaphysics and the Foundation of Science: Heidegger's The Question Concerning Technology' by Pedro Blas Gonzalez
'The Meaning of the Earth: Nietzsche's Philosopher Creators' by Martin Jenkins

Philosophy Pathways Issue 192 25 March 2015

Pathways News/ Sci-fi issue
News from Pathways and the ISFP
'A Better Ray Gun' by Geoffrey Klempner
'I Love Your Waspish Waist' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy Pathways Issue 191 23 February 2015

Edited by Nicole Note
'Why 5+1 is not always 6' by Ignaas Devisch
'Jean-Luc Nancy, myth, ideology' by Pieter Meurs
'Ceci n'est pas la solidarite: On public mourning, identification and political solidarity' by Femke Kaulingfreks

From the List Manager
An evening with Wittgenstein
Joad Exhibition
CFP: Mind, Body and Self

Philosophy Pathways Issue 190 7 January 2015

Edited by Pieter Meurs
'How to understand the sense of life?' by Nicole Note
'Worldviews and philosophical capital -- an exploratory introduction' by Tom Vanwing and Pieter Meurs
'Wittgenstein on 'The Realm of Ineffable'' by Manoranjan Mallick and Vikram S. Sirola


Philosophy Pathways Issue 189 21 November 2014

Edited by Eric DeJardin
'A Quasi-Realist Approach to Morality' by Kamala Vadlamani
'What the Ability Hypothesis Teaches -- The Conceptual basis of Moralizing' by Matthew Sims
'Doubting Descartes: Skeptical Scope and the Dream and Deceiver Arguments in the First Meditation' by Eric DeJardin

Philosophy Pathways Issue 188 30 September 2014

Special Issue dedicated to the philosophy of D. R. Khashaba
'The Riddle of the Parmenides' by D. R. Khashaba
'Creative Eternity' by D. R. Khashaba
'Socrates Answers Aristotle' by D. R. Khashaba

Philosophy Pathways Issue 187 9 September 2014

Edited by Timothy E. Taylor
'Molina's Solution to the Problem of Divine Foreknowledge' by Kevin Kimble
'Is Intentionality the Argument for Substance Dualism?' by Jani Kukkola
'Leibniz on the Relation between Force and Motion' by Sim-Hui Tee

Philosophy Pathways Issue 186 1 June 2014

Special Christopher Norris Issue
'Poetry as (a Kind of) Philosophy: for Richard Rorty' by Christopher Norris
'Hume A-Dying: notes from Boswell' by Christopher Norris

From the List Manager
Academy of Romanian Scientists: Philosophy of Science Today 13-19 October 2014

Philosophy Pathways Issue 185 12 May 2014

Edited by Peter Jones
'City in Words' by Lukas Clark-Memler
'Hegel's Dialectic of the Concept' by Martin Jenkins
'The Continuum East and West' by Peter Jones

From the List Manager
New PhiloSophos philosophy search engine

Philosophy Pathways Issue 184 3 April 2014

Edited by Donovan Roebert
'The Evolution of New Religious Movements Through Secularisation' by Catherine Nickford
'Origins Shrouded in Myth' by Raam Gokhale
'From Socrates to Snowden: Riding Freedom's Horse to Nowhere' by Donovan Roebert

Philosophy Pathways Issue 183 28 February 2014

Edited by Erwin Laya
'What Is the Place of Death in the Human Predicament?' by Max Malikow
'The Social and Educative Role of Logic' by Yongho N. Nichodemus
'The Bangsamoro Struggle and How Peace is to be Achieved: A Reflection' by Stephanie A. Sabarita

Philosophy Pathways Issue 182 18 January 2014

Edited by Sharon Kaye
'What's Wrong with Childhood Today?' by Leigh Duffy
'Naughty Children and Angry Parents: Punishment, Consequences and Moral Psychology' by Dennis Arjo
'Discipline and Punish: A Foucaultian Analysis of the Modern Crib' by Sharon Kaye

From the List Manager
Avaya Sharma 'Letter from Nepal'


Philosophy Pathways Issue 181 11 December 2013

Pathways Update
Introducing three Pathways Editors: Erwin Laya, Martin Jenkins and Sharon Kaye
'Call for Papers: What's Wrong with Childhood Today?' by Sharon Kaye (2nd Call)
StudyPartners.net and the StudyPartners Blog
Philosophy and Photography

Philosophy Pathways Issue 180 15 November 2013

Edited by Martin Jenkins
'The Theme of Freedom, Choice and Responsibility in the Philosophy of Existence: A Critical Appraisal' by Helen T. Olojede
'The Selfish Genes Doctrine: Progressive Research Program or Modern Phlogiston?' by Jurgen Lawrenz
'Allowing for Every Contingency. A Dialogue on Determinism, Contingency and Free Will' by Raam Gokhale

From the List Manager
Erwin Laya 'Letter from the Philippines'
Sharon Kaye 'Call for Papers: What's Wrong With Childhood Today?'

Philosophy Pathways Issue 179 23 October 2013

Edited by Erwin B. Laya, MAT
'Negative Aspects of Tolerance' by Rajakishore Nath
'A Reflection on R.G. Collingwood's History: Its Meaning and Goals' by Raymundo Pavo
'Closed or Limited Nature? A Critique of Hume's Critique of the Probability of Miracles' by Ruel Pepa

Philosophy Pathways Issue 178 11 September 2013

Pathways Update
On the 12th Anniversary of 9/11
Ask a Philosopher!
GVKlempner on YouTube


Philosophy Pathways Issue 177 19 December 2012

Special Indian Issue
'Living and Some Theories from the Indian Tradition' by Sushama Karve
'Universals - Essence or Mental Construction: Buddhist View' by Ramala Sarma
'Knowing the Natural Kind Term: Internalism vs. Externalism' by Sanjit Chakraborty
'Taking Up the Cause of Causality' by Raam Gokhale

Philosophy Pathways Issue 176 16 November 2012

'Nietzsche: The Politics of Physiology' by Martin Jenkins
'Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea: Fishing, Life and Work' by Pedro Blas Gonzalez
Responses to Philosophy Pathways Issue 175 by Anthony Flood and Max Wilkinson

Philosophy Pathways Issue 175 8 October 2012

'Elective Affinities: Heidegger and Adorno on Nature' by Michael Kilivris
'An Ontological Problem with the Selfish Gene' by Michael Uhall
'Possible World Machine Revisited' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy Pathways Issue 174 14 August 2012

'Obituary for Professor David Hamlyn' by Revd Philip Clements-Jewery
'Prison Through a Philosophic Prism' by Raam Gokhale
'Article for Nepal Philosophy Study Center' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy Pathways Issue 173 27 June 2012

Readers' Reactions to Special Issue 172
'What Is the Meaning of Life? A Sixth Argument for the Existence of God' by Max Malikow
'Frankfurt's Free Will: Moses Maimonides in Modern Thought' by Mark Goldfeder

Philosophy Pathways Issue 172 9 June 2012

Special Issue: Naive Metaphysics
'Gulliver', 'Dream' by Geoffrey Klempner
Interview with Geoffrey Klempner by Anonymous
'Review of Naive Metaphysics: a commentary' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Response to A' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy Pathways Issue 171 7 April 2012

'Is Metaphysics a Waste of Time?' by Peter Jones
'Plotinus' Mystical Empiricism in Relation to the One' by Katelis Viglas
'Spirit, Essence and Form in William Wordsworth's The Prelude' by Pedro Blas Gonzalez

Philosophy Pathways Issue 170 5 March 2012

'Of Metaphors, Metaphysics, and Math: A Mythology of Mechanisms' by James A. Coffman and Donald C. Mikulecky
'The Anthropic Principle and the Multiverse' by Wolfgang Osterhage
'Quantum Mechanics, Determinism, and Free Will' by Christopher Freire

Philosophy Pathways Issue 169 6 February 2012

'What is a Human Being?' by Max Malikow
'Freedom and Alternate Possibilities' by Jenny Gillett
'Are We Three?' by Raam Gokhale

Philosophy Pathways Issue 168 3 January 2012

'Michelangelo: The Creation of Adam -- Aesthetics of the Renaissance' by Marco Cirillo
'The Heart Symbol in Russian Philosophical Tradition' by Vera Babina
'Rashbi's Return; Shadows and Echoes of Plato's Cave in Rabbinic/ Talmudic Lore' by Mark Goldfeder


Philosophy Pathways Issue 167 28 November 2011

'Symbolism: From Supernatural to Science: an Epistemological Inquiry' by John Nwanegbo-Ben
'On Concepts: With or Without Perceptions' by Ali Yousefi Heris
'Generating Stable Knowledge via Reduction in Entropy' by Georgios Constantine Pentzaropoulos

Philosophy Pathways Issue 166 17 October 2011

'Pathways Students on Death Row' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Perspectivism, Form and Objective Reality in Mies van der Rohe's Architecture and Ortega y Gasset's Thought' by Pedro Blas Gonzalez
'Cyril Joad (1892-1953) -- Moral Philosopher -- So What?' by Richard W. Symonds

Philosophy Pathways Issue 165 13 September 2011

'Narcissus and Melancholy' by Matthew Del Nevo
Matthew Del Nevo 'The Work of Enchantment' Reviewed by Rachel Browne
'Sexopoly: Beckoning into Abyss' by Stephen Farthing MNCP

Philosophy Pathways Issue 164 29 July 2011

'Does the Snake Really Exist in the Rope? An Exposition of the Advaita Vada's view on Error' by Arup Jyoti Sarma
'Borderline cases and Epistemic Possibilities' by Zoltan Vecsey
'Just-if-ication: A Discussion of Scientific Reasoning' by Raam Gokhale

Philosophy Pathways Issue 163 27 June 2011

'StudyPartners.net -- a new (old) way to talk' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Heidegger contra Descartes' by Michael Uhall
'Kant and the Problem of Abortion' by Tejasha Kalita
'Descartes on Instantaneous Motion' by Sim-Hui Tee and Mohd Hazim Shah

Philosophy Pathways Issue 162 5 May 2011

'Are there uncontroversial error theories?' by Terence Edward
'Parfit, Lewis and the Logical Wedge: Fusion-Fission's Challenge to Coextension' by Oliver Gill
'Towards a Spatial Theory of Causation' by Esteban Céspedes

Philosophy Pathways Issue 161 24 March 2011

'The Passionate Mind of Descartes' by Rafael Pangilinan
'Giambattista Vico -- Street Catholic, House Heretic?' by Anthony Fahey
'Spinoza: Close Encounters of a Preferred Kind' by Martin Jenkins

Philosophy Pathways Issue 160 16 February 2011

'Metaphysics as defining metaphysics' by Peter S. Borkowski
'Humanism and the Ecstatic' by Martin Jenkins
'Objectification and the Other' by Sim-Hui Tee
Two events: Searching for Immortality and Socrates Dissatisfied

Philosophy Pathways Issue 159 20 January 2011

'Knowledge Acquisition as a Memory Renewal Process' by Georgios Constantine Pentzaropoulos
'Is It Possible to Be Pathologically Good?' by Max Malikow
'Kuhnian Normal Science and the Problem of the Small Handful' by Sim-Hui Tee and Mohd Hazim Shah


Philosophy Pathways Issue 158 20 December 2010

'Objective Idealism and the teleological structure of reality' by Thomas P. Walsh
'Does Metaphysics deal with something or nothing?' by Adebayo A. Ogungbure
'Africa and India: the materialist challenge' by Burton Sankeralli

Philosophy Pathways Issue 157 4 November 2010

'Sartre and the Soviet Union' by John Ramirez
'On Alienation and Its Overcoming: The Legacy From Hegel to Sartre' by Pallavi Sharma
'Socrates, Plato, and Science' by D.R. Khashaba

Philosophy Pathways Issue 156 21 September 2010

'Know Thyself' by Raam Gokhale
'Luis Villoro on Knowledge and Truth' by Alfredo Lucero-Montano
'Can Hacking's conception of manipulated unobservable entities overcome the Underdetermination Thesis?' by Sim-Hui Tee and Mohd Hazim Shah Hj Abdul Murad
CFP: Cultura: International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology

Philosophy Pathways Issue 155 12 August 2010

'The Enigma of Freud' by Matthew del Nevo
'Identity of the Dead: What does it Matter?' by Masayuki Yoshida
Review of Darryl Naraji 'An American Agenda' by Burton Sankeralli

Philosophy Pathways Issue 154 7 July 2010

'Call for Manuscripts and Reviewers: ISFP Publishing' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Philosophy, Language and Art' by Tony Fahey
'Twentieth-Century Universal Historical Paradigms of the Philosophy of History' by Piotr Wasyluk

Philosophy Pathways Issue 153 28 May 2010

'The Metaphysics of Consciousness and the Purview of Science: A Response to Fahey' by Richard Grego
'Vico. Joyce. Beckett. Yeats' by Tony Fahey
'Alan Gewirth's PGC: An Analysis of Central Issues Associated With the Principle of Generic Consistency' by John M. Ramirez

Philosophy Pathways Issue 152 27 April 2010

'Philosophy, Science, and Consciousness' by Tony Fahey
'Is Nature Complementary?' by Peter Barab
Conference: 'Ways of Living: Culture, Identity and Difference in today's world'

Philosophy Pathways Issue 151 7 April 2010

'Pleasure in Plato's Phaedo' by Kristian Urstad
'Lou Salome and Rilke' by Matthew Del Nevo
'Desire and the Future' by Tim Taylor
'Dilemmas in Social Philosophy: a Resource for use in Schools' by Matthew Del Nevo

Philosophy Pathways Issue 150 23 February 2010

'The New Pathways Online Conference' by Geoffrey Klempner
'An Attempt at Understanding Terrorism from a Buddhist Perspective' by Ananya Barua
'Evil in Plotinus' Hypostases of Being' by Rafael Pangilinan

Philosophy Pathways Issue 149 21 January 2010

'Unveiling the Heart/ Mind in Meng Zi: The Aletheia of XIN' by Tracy Ann Llanera
'Area Studies, Planetary Thinking, and Philosophical Anthropology' by Alec Gordon
'Deleuze's Difference with the Dialectic of Identity' by Martin Jenkins


Philosophy Pathways Issue 148 4 December 2009

'Lou Salome and Nietzsche' by Matthew Del Nevo
'Coluccio Salutati and the Tyrant' by Marco Cirillo
'Searles' Theory of Social Reality and Some Social Reality' by Xiaoqiang Han
'The Philo Officer' by Michael Levy

Philosophy Pathways Issue 147 21 October 2009

'Philosophical Connections: Merleau-Ponty' by Anthony Harrison-Barbet
'Sententiae: An Art Form of Independent Philosophy' by Richard Schain
'Eyes for an eye: The Korekore-Nyombwe people's response to murder' by Fainos Mangena

Philosophy Pathways Issue 146 19 August 2009

'Philosophy Study: The Perfect Response to Mid-life Crisis' by Frank McGowan
James Coffman 'On the Subjective Nature of Reality, and its Relationship to the Objective Reality of Nature': Commentary by Stuart Burns
'Response to Stuart Burns' by James Coffman
Review of S.C. Meyer Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design by Stanley Salthe

Philosophy Pathways Issue 145 20 July 2009

'Bertrand Russell: The Potential for Ethics Through Authentic Philosophical Enquiry' by James M. Magrini
'The Free Will Problem: Antinomy or Conundrum?' by Max Malikow
'Aristippus for Happiness' by Kristian Urstad

Philosophy Pathways Issue 144 17 June 2009

'On the subjective nature of Reality, and its relationship to the objective reality of Nature' by James Coffman
'In Praise of Open-Mindedness: A Defence of Agnosticism against Dawkins' criticisms' by Tim E. Taylor
'Dr. Anthony Walton Harrison-Barbet: An Obituary' by Cliona Dando

Philosophy Pathways Issue 143 20 May 2009

'Buber's Challenge: I and Thou' by Kathleen O'Dwyer
Nietzsche and Will to Power' by Martin Jenkins
'Makers, Users and Imitators: Plato's Republic and Modern Education' by Peter S. Borkowski
Philosophical Investigations Wiki: letter from Martin Cohen

Philosophy Pathways Issue 142 30 March 2009

'Philosophy's Present Perspective' by Jasper Doomen
'A Critique of Peter Raabe on Placebo Philosophy and Religion' by Ruel F. Pepa
'Response to Max Malikow on Altruistic Suicide' by Geoffrey Frost

Philosophy Pathways Issue 141 30 January 2009

'Altruistic Suicide' by Max Malikow
'Herder and Hegel: Resolution in Pluralism' by Mark Westmoreland
Review of Matthew Del Nevo The Valley Way of the Soul by Rachel Browne


Philosophy Pathways Issue 140 17 December 2008

''All Things Are Nothing to Me!' -- Max Stirner and Egoism' by Martin Jenkins
'Mind in Artificial Intelligence' by Rajakishore Nath
'Transformational Paradigm at the Community Level: A Proposed Formula in the Mindanao Conflict' by Erwin B. Laya
'Philosophical Connections' compiled by Anthony Harrison-Barbet: Foreword to the online edition by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy Pathways Issue 139 31 October 2008

'Opsigeria: A Blessing or a Curse?' by Max Malikow
'On Reference Failure' by Han Xiaoqiang
'Society, Individual and Value' by Sanchita Bora
'Play in one act about Death' by Agne Budriunaite

Philosophy Pathways Issue 138 1 October 2008

'What Pragmatism Is' by Matt Kundert
'Composition as Epistemology' by P.S. Borkowski
'Nietzsche's On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life' by Alfredo Lucero-Montano
Call for Project Participants: from Maximiliano Korstanje

Philosophy Pathways Issue 137 31 August 2008

'The Case for a Neutral Metaphysical Position' by Peter Jones
'Post-Modernism: What's the Difference?' by Martin Jenkins
Review of Alan Soble 'The Philosophy of Sex and Love' by Rachel Browne

Philosophy Pathways Issue 136 11 June 2008

'Reflections on the Idea of Race' by Mark Westmoreland
'The Role of Logic in Philosophy: An Appraisal of Bertrand Russell's Standpoint' by Jahnabi Deka
'A response to Peter Raabe' by D.R. Khashaba

Philosophy Pathways Issue 135 2 May 2008

'Thinking Allowed: Philosophy for Children at Gallions Primary School' Review by Matthew Del Nevo
'Placebo Religion and Philosophy' by Peter B. Raabe
'What's wrong with Darwinism?' by D.R. Khashaba

Philosophy Pathways Issue 134 18 March 2008

'Significance of the Sense of Holiness' by Richard Schain
'Time for the Leviathan?' by Martin Jenkins
'Some Remarks on the Nature of Philosophy (Part 2)' by Hubertus Fremerey
'Comment on Pouget' by Peter Raabe

Philosophy Pathways Issue 133 8 February 2008

'Evaluative Judgement, Motivation and the Moral Standard' by Richard H. Corrigan
'A Rope Stretched over an Abyss: Ethics, Law and Neuroscience' by Pierre Pouget
'Some Remarks on the Nature of Philosophy' by Hubertus Fremerey


Philosophy Pathways Issue 132 28 December 2007

'Global Warming, Environmental Philosophy and Public Policy: John Dewey vs Martin Heidegger' by Richard Grego
'An Apology for Naive Philosophy' by D.R. Khashaba
'Three New Pathways Online Conferences' by Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy Pathways Issue 131 14 November 2007

'Jesus as a Jewish Philosopher' by Matthew del Nevo
'Nietzsche and The Birth of Tragedy' by Martin Jenkins
'Wittgenstein on Ethics' by V. Prabhu

Philosophy Pathways Issue 130 11 October 2007

'How to Live? Reflections upon a piece by John Shand' by Nicholas Joll
'Human Life, Philosophy and Philosophical Outlook' by Sanchita Bora
'Resolving Aristotle's Antinomy of Creation' by Dr A.B. Kelly

Philosophy Pathways Issue 129 14 September 2007

'Lessons Zimbabwe can learn from Voltaire's philosophy' by Francis Moyo
'A View on Statistical Schools' by Jordi Vallverdu
'Maverick' a short story by Amer Naveed

Philosophy Pathways Issue 128 13 August 2007

'The Argument from Design as Proof of Intelligent Designer?' by Martin Jenkins
'Bergson and Russell: Two Positions on Being and Nothingness' by D.R. Khashaba
'We (I and you) as Daseins? Reply to Jurgen Lawrenz' by Archana Barua

Philosophy Pathways Issue 127 30 May 2007

'Socrates Cafe' by Christopher Phillips
'The Problem and the Promise of Consciousness' by Richard Schain
'Hegel's Preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit' by Alfredo Lucero-Montano

Philosophy Pathways Issue 126 12 April 2007

'Wallace Stevens: The Impossible Possible Philosophers' Man' by Aine Kelly
'Levinas, Totality and the Other' by Martin Jenkins
'The contribution of Gilbert Ryle's The Concept of Mind to the study of Philosophy of Language' by Munamato Chemhuru

Philosophy Pathways Issue 125 28 February 2007

'A comparative analysis of 20th Century exemplars in philosophy of science' by Herman J Pietersen
'Dualism, consciousness, and self-identity in Descartes and Sartre' by Richard Grego
'Work based learning educational philosophy: some thoughts of Epicurus' by Fotis Vassileiou and Barbara Saribalidou

Philosophy Pathways Issue 124 31 January 2007

'On Cartesian Metaphysics' by Alfredo Lucero-Montano
'Review of Richard Dawkins The God Delusion' by Lawrence Trevanion
'Heidegger, Technology and Time: review of the film The Ister' by Matthew Del Nevo


Philosophy Pathways Issue 123 29 December 2006

'Interview with David Chalmers' by Seher Yekenkurul
'Heidegger, Technology and our Future' by Martin Jenkins
'A Response to Archana Baruah' by Jurgen Lawrenz

Philosophy Pathways Issue 122 14 November 2006

'Interview with Graham Priest' by Seher Yekenkurul
'Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence: A Heideggerian Approach' by Archana Baruah
'Explaining Explanation' by D.R. Khashaba

Philosophy Pathways Issue 121 11 October 2006

'A meta-theoretical analysis of the philosophy of Richard Rorty' by Herman Pietersen
'The Teleological Argument for the Existence of God' by Namita Kalita
'Philosophy Of The Body' by Akoijam Thoibisana

Philosophy Pathways Issue 120 9 September 2006

'The Last Infirmity of the Noble Mind' by Richard Schain
'To Decide or not to Decide, That's Not The Question' by Pierre Pouget
'An Argument For Remaining Agnostic About God's Goodness' by John Alexander

Philosophy Pathways Issue 119 18 July 2006

'The Truth Craze' by D. R. Khashaba
'The Problem of Evil' by Namita Kalita
'Philosophical Society of England: Philosophy Workshop' by M.C. Bavidge

Philosophy Pathways Issue 118 29 June 2006

'Three Russian Thinkers' by Valentin Bazhanov, Aza Takho-Godi and Maria Bocharova
'Experiencing the integrity of life as experience of world in man's existence' by Nikolai Karpitsky
'Pseudonymous Connections: Notes towards a reading of Kierkegaard' by Will Brown

Philosophy Pathways Issue 117 19 May 2006

'On criticism and the purpose of arts' by Vikram Singh
'Some thoughts on what we call real' by Hubertus Fremerey
'John Argyropoulos teacher of Leonardo Da Vinci' by Fotis Vassileiou and Barbara Saribalidou

Philosophy Pathways Issue 116 11 April 2006

'Will to Power in the Eternal Recurrence' by Omar Khan
'The Dweller in the Region' by Ovidiu Gherghe
'Plato's Answer to Alan Turing's Question' by D.R. Khashaba

Philosophy Pathways Issue 115 19 March 2006

'The Dilemma of "Non-Violence"' by Nathan Segars
'Dialectic of the One and the Many and 'Radical Constructivism'' by Herman J Pietersen
'Letter from Iraq' by Jon Kerstetter, MD
'The Silver Lining' by Susan Pye Nordell

Philosophy Pathways Issue 114 14 February 2006

'Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment' by Alfredo Lucero-Montano
'An Emergent Eschatology' by Dr A. B. Kelly
Guerrilla Radio Show

Philosophy Pathways Issue 113 6 January 2006

'Philosophical relationship of Scientific Naturalism and Religion' by John J. Eberts
'Lucian's thoughts on lifelong and adult learning' by Fotios Vassileiou
'Philosophy Forum Nepal Celebrates World Philosophy Day' by Avaya Sharma


Philosophy Pathways Issue 112 21 November 2005

'A Brief Outline of Radical Constructivism' by Nick Redfern
'Pornography, Sex and Feminism' by Alan Soble, reviewed by Rachel Browne
'Interview with Daoud Khashaba' by Joseph Smith
'Celebrating World Philosophy Day 2005 Zadar/ Nin Croatia' by Bruno Curko

Philosophy Pathways Issue 111 25 October 2005

'Critical commentary on Richard Rorty's Thought' by Herman J Pietersen
'Johnson on Meaning: The great lexicographer's modern approach to meaning' by John Dudley
J. Baggott 'Beyond Measure: Modern Physics, Philosophy and the Meaning of Quantum Theory' Reviewed by Lawrence Trevanion

Philosophy Pathways Issue 110 25 September 2005

'On the Philosophy of Robert M Pirsig' By Herman J Pietersen
'Revisiting Old Arguments with a New Knowledge Paradigm of Thought' by Edgar W Hunt III
'The Indivisible Elements of Metaphysics' by Vinayak Shankar

Philosophy Pathways Issue 109 6 September 2005

'Three Russian Thinkers' by Dmitry Olshansky
Three essays on Indian Religion and Philosophy
Four Responses to John Alexander on God and the Categorical Imperative

Philosophy Pathways Issue 108 18 August 2005

'Kierkegaard and Socrates' by D.R. Khashaba
Structural Phenomenology: An Empirically-Based Model of Consciousness reviewed by Rachel Browne
Handbook of Greek Philosophy reviewed by Hubertus Fremerey
'Did God Violate the Categorical Imperative?' by John Alexander

Philosophy Pathways Issue 107 25 July 2005

'Who Escapes Plato's Cave?' by Daniel Silvermintz
'Studying with the University of London External Programme' by Moira McIntyre
Moral Objectivity and Moral Relativism: Exchange between Stuart Burns and Brandon Johns

Philosophy Pathways Issue 106 6 July 2005

'Moral Objectivity and Moral Relativism' by Brandon Johns
'Leibniz on The Good Life' by Jurgen Lawrenz
'The Principle of Non-Attachment and the Problem of Human Meaningfulness' by Ruel F. Pepa

Philosophy Pathways Issue 105 20 June 2005

'Interpreting Plato' by D.R. Khashaba
'Mimesis in Aristotle and Pollock' by Andrew Watson
'A Sunday Afternoon with Georges on an Island in the Cosmos' by Richard Schain

Philosophy Pathways Issue 104 1 June 2005

'Resolving the Objective-Subjective Conflict in Moral Valuation' by Ruel F. Pepa
'Competition in Academia' by Maushumi Guha
'Comment on Martin Herzog's Article' by Geoffrey Frost
'A Short Note on Knowing and Wondering' by Hubertus Fremerey

Philosophy Pathways Issue 103 9 May 2005

'New Open Membership of the ISFP' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Considerations on Web-Philosophy' by Martin Herzog
The 1000th ISFP Member: Letter from Hubert Timmermans

Philosophy Pathways Issue 102 25 April 2005

'Walter Benjamin's Philosophy of the Future' by Kieran Cashell
'Giordano Bruno and the Dream of Humanism' by D.R. Khashaba
'2005 Philosophy Video Festival' by Ken Knisely

Philosophy Pathways Issue 101 4 April 2005

'The Necessity of Eschatology' by Richard Schain
'Rethinking Religion' by Dick Stoute
'Religion, Truth and Justice' by Harry Davies

Philosophy Pathways Issue 100 14 March 2005

Tough Truths for Jews, Christians and Muslims: a platform statement
'Many Israels' Sermon by Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah
'Pricked by Racial Hatred' by Michael Levy

Philosophy Pathways Issue 99 21 February 2005

'Criminal Justice, Causation, and Society' by Charles Hlavac
'The Man From Whom God Hid Nothing' by Arthur Brown
'The Matter-Information Duality and Quantum Physics' by Dick Stoute

Philosophy Pathways Issue 98 7 February 2005

'Two Concepts of Truth' by Hubertus Fremerey
'Was Kant a Mystic?' by Arthur Brown
Review of Francis Wheen How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World by Colin Amery

Philosophy Pathways Issue 97 11 January 2005

'Personal Transformation: A Personal Integrity' by Erwin B. Laya
'Philosophy   Rigorous Science or Intuitive Thought: A Critique of Mind by John Searle' by Richard Schain
'The Euthyphro as a Philosophical Work' by D.R. Khashaba


Philosophy Pathways Issue 96 13 December 2004

'"Creation Science" vs Evolution Theory, or Science vs Mythology' by Charles Hlavac
'Philosophy for Younger People: A Polemic' by Constantine Sandis
'Natural Philosophy and the controversy concerning the Church's position in the development of science during the European early modern period (1500-1800)' by John J. Eberts

Philosophy Pathways Issue 95 22 November 2004

'Arguments Beyond Reason' by Jeff Meyerhoff
'Essay on Right and Wrong' by Richard Vincent Grear
'Epigrams on Metaphysics' by Vinayak Shankar

Philosophy Pathways Issue 94 1 November 2004

'On Jacques Derrida' by Judith Butler
'The Architecture of Objects and the Human Designer' By Ovidiu Gherghe
'Some Remarks on Richard Rorty's Pragmatism' by D.R. Khashaba

Philosophy Pathways Issue 93 11 October 2004

'In Love With Eternity' by Richard Schain
'Metaphysics of the Ndi-Igbo' by Cajethan Ndubuisi
'UNESCO Philosophy Day' by Jeanette Blom

Philosophy Pathways Issue 92 27 September 2004

'An Intimate Reflection' by Ruel F. Pepa
'Was Keats a Fool?' by D.R. Khashaba
'A Lover's Dilemma' by Lawrence J.C. Baron
'Philosophy Video Festival Invites Thinkers' by Ken Knisely

Philosophy Pathways Issue 91 13 September 2004

'Teaching Philosophy' by Herdy L. Yumul
'Dr Johnson and the Stone' by David Seaman
'Essentials of Philosophy and Ethics: Call for Contributions' by Martin Cohen

Philosophy Pathways Issue 90 29 August 2004

'In Pursuit of Buber's Unity of Being' by Sheldon James Martin
'Determinism and Philosophical Hygiene' by Jurgen Lawrenz
'Osteopathic Philosophy: The Metaphysical Medicine' by Walter Llewellyn McKone

Philosophy Pathways Issue 89 8 August 2004

'Nurturing the Imagination of Resistance: Some Important Views from Contemporary Philosophers' by Ruel F. Pepa
Relaunch of the Pathways Conference
ISFP Web Site — New German Version

Philosophy Pathways Issue 88 18 July 2004

'Moral Dialogue' by Vasco Kunft
'Free Will Versus Determinism' by Stuart Burns
'Reflections on The Hat' by Brian Tee and Geoffrey Klempner

Philosophy Pathways Issue 87 27 June 2004

'Three Axioms of Democracy' by Raoul Nakhmanson
'Some Remarks on Mind and Spirit' by Hubertus Fremerey
Obituary for Stuart Hampshire

Philosophy Pathways Issue 86 13 June 2004

'On the Question of Questions' by Stephen Lewis
'Intention, Motivation and Learning Process: Some Factors Influencing
Student Learning' by Alexandre Guilherme
'The Hat' by Zsuzsanna Ardo at the Edinburgh Fringe

Philosophy Pathways Issue 85 30 May 2004

'Philosophy and the Martial Arts' by Seamus Mulholland
Letters from Three New ISFP Members
Two Interesting Publications

Philosophy Pathways Issue 84 16 May 2004

'What is "Modern" in Modern Philosophy?' by Hubertus Fremerey
'Kant — The Death Penalty' by Archil Avaliani
A New Format for Ask a Philosopher

Philosophy Pathways Issue 83 2 May 2004

Announcement of the first Pathways scholarship awards
'The Science of Freewill' by Michael Ward
'Objective and Subjective Religiousness' by D.V. Pivovarov

Philosophy Pathways Issue 82 18 April 2004

'Does Matter Exist Objectively?' by Ochieng Ombok
'Day Out' by Kay Critchett
'Further Thoughts on Rationality' by Tom Albertsson and Hubertus Fremerey

Philosophy Pathways Issue 81 4 April 2004

'The Dynamics of Love as Fertility, Formity, and Formality in Ancient Mythologies: A Critico-Structural Excursion into the Classics' by Ruel F. Pepa
'Philosophy and Logic in Croatian High School' by Bruno Curko
'Tom Albertsson on Wilber and Pre- vs. Trans-Rational Thinking' by Hubertus Fremerey

Philosophy Pathways Issue 80 21 March 2004

'Monologue on Art' by Vikram Singh
'The Rational and Trans-Rational: Response to D.R. Khashaba' by Tom Albertsson
'God's Knowledge of "I": Rejoinder to Geoffrey Klempner' by Anthony Flood

Philosophy Pathways Issue 79 7 March 2004

'Kant and the Enlightenment Promise' by D.R. Khashaba
'The Pointillist Canvas of Eternity' by Richard Schain
'Suicide' by Cajethan Ndubuisi

Philosophy Pathways Issue 78 22 February 2004

'Inspirations for the Unbounded Seeker' by Ovidiu Gherghe
On 'God and I': a Reply to David Robjant and Tony Flood by Geoffrey Klempner
Two Letters from ISFP Members

Philosophy Pathways Issue 77 8 February 2004

'Open Letter to Academic Philosophers' by Geoffrey Klempner
'Teaching Formats for Small Group Philosophy Tutorials' by Alexandre Guilherme
'Obituary for Zeno Vendler' by Susan Fischer and S.-Y. Kuroda

Philosophy Pathways Issue 76 25 January 2004

'On Walter Benjamin's Concept of History' by Alfredo Lucero-Montano
On God and 'I': Response to Geoffrey Klempner by Tony Flood
'The Value of Philosophy' by Tatomir Ion-Marius

Philosophy Pathways Issue 75 11 January 2004

Pathways to Philosophy - Spreading the Word
On God and 'I': A Response to Geoffrey Klempner by David Robjant
'The Solipsist' by James Martin


Philosophy Pathways Issue 74 28 December 2003

The Board of the International Society for Philosophers
'Where is I?' by D.R. Khashaba
Essays on Knowledge by Catherine McAuley Students

Philosophy Pathways Issue 73 14 December 2003

'Pathways Schools 2003' by Matthew Del Nevo and Peter Schmiedgen
Essays by Catherine McAuley Students
'Philosophy: Who Needs It? A reply to David Large and Keith Parker' by D.R. Khashaba

Philosophy Pathways Issue 72 30 November 2003

The Newcastle Philosophy Society
'Philosophy: Who Needs It?' by David Large and Keith Parker
Three Philosophical Poems: by Arthur Brown, Tatomir Ion-Marius and Joe Staunton

Philosophy Pathways Issue 71 16 November 2003

'The Ethics and Politics of Abortion: Local and Global' by Charles Hlavac
'Thoughts on Language' by D.R. Khashaba
'Obituary for Richard Wollheim' by Arthur Danto (From 'The Guardian')

Philosophy Pathways Issue 70 2 November 2003

'There's Such a Lot of World to See' by Hubertus Fremerey
'Thales and Creation' by Jurgen Lawrenz
'Violence: Between Non-Esthetic and Stupidity' by Tatomir Ion-Marius

Philosophy Pathways Issue 69 19 October 2003

'William James's Account of Truth' by Brian Tee
'Can We Trust Plato?' by D.R. Khashaba
ISFP Membership Cards

Philosophy Pathways Issue 68 5 October 2003

'Dehumanisation of Humanity: Capitalist Period — Colonisation' by Munayem Mayenin
'More in the On-Going Discussion of Social Contracts: Reply to Tony Flood' by Stuart Burns
'Abolition versus Redistribution: A Summary Reply to Stuart Burns' by Tony Flood

Philosophy Pathways Issue 67 21 September 2003

'Spinoza's Ethics: Determinism and Freedom' by Alfredo Lucero-Montano
'Free Will' by D.R. Khashaba
'Creating a Thinking Board: Press Release and Call for Papers' by Rachel Browne

Philosophy Pathways Issue 66 7 September 2003

'On the Notion of a "Good Society"' by Hubertus Fremerey
'The Philosophical Twilight Zone: a review of Walter Benesch "The Ecumenical
Cruise and other Three-Legged Philosophy Tales" by Brian Tee
Reality and Subject: Call for Papers

Philosophy Pathways Issue 65 24 August 2003

'The Circularity of Defending Reason in the Cartesian Circle' by Justin Robert Woods
'The Will as Expectation' by James Martin
'"Redistribution" as Euphemism or, Who Owns What?' by Anthony Flood

Philosophy Pathways Issue 64 10 August 2003

'Practitioners, not Jumpers' by Tim LeBon
'Redistributionism and the Social Contract: a reply to Tony Flood' by Stuart Burns
'Online Courses from Oxford, Stanford and Yale Universities' by Jeanette McLoughlin

Philosophy Pathways Issue 63 27 July 2003

'Nietzsche's Zarathustra: A New Dimension in Freud's Structural Theory of Mind' by George Mashour
'Artifacts and Persons' by Alfredo Lucero-Montano
'Imaginary Conversations — a la Landor' by Jurgen Lawrenz

Philosophy Pathways Issue 62 13 July 2003

Anthony Ross at San Quentin
Pathways Schools in Sydney: two essays
Congress in Novosibirsk on Education and Science

Philosophy Pathways Issue 61 29 June 2003

'Discourse on Malady' a fiction by Jurgen Lawrenz
'Contracts, Coercion, and Condo Boards: A Reply to Stuart Burns' by Anthony Flood
'Speak Up — Reflections on the Pathways Conference' by Mike Ward

Philosophy Pathways Issue 60 15 June 2003

'East West Perspective on the Metaphysical Aspects of Self' by John Eberts
Bernard Williams 1929-2003
'Redistributionism: Comments on the Recent Debate' by Stuart Burns

Philosophy Pathways Issue 59 1 June 2003

'Must Values be Objective?' by D.R. Khashaba
'Art and the "Object Mentality"' by Jurgen Lawrenz
'Zura Shiolashvili: Philosopher, Refugee' by Martin Cohen

Philosophy Pathways Issue 58 18 May 2003

'Metaphysics and the Problem of Existence' by Richard Schain
'Enlightenment: Paradigm that Lasted Three Ages' by Henk Tuten
'The Truths of the Soul' by Michael Levy

Philosophy Pathways Issue 57 4 May 2003

'Death, Free Will, Value' by Jurgen Lawrenz
'Is the Fear of Death Irrational?' by Colin Amery
'Death, Value and Fear for a Day' by James Martin

Philosophy Pathways Issue 56 20 April 2003

'From the Republic of Letters to the Empire of Email' by Richard Anthone and Steve Williams
'Redistributionism Continued' by Anthony Flood
'Pre-Philosophical Ideas about the Soul and Philosophical Inquiry' by Charles Countryman

Philosophy Pathways Issue 55 6 April 2003

'The Ineffable "I"' by Chris Jones
'Philosophy of Mathematics: an accountant's view' by John Sartoris
'Unaccompained Yield' an interview with artist Tony Kemplen

Philosophy Pathways Issue 54 23 March 2003

'Moral Philosophy and Business' by Mike Parry
Wolff and Flood on Distributive Justice: Two Responses
New Format for Philosophy Pathways

Philosophy Pathways Issue 53 9 March 2003

'Four Forms of Redistribution' by Jonathan Wolff
'A Comment on Professor Wolff's "Four Forms of Redistribution"' by Tony Flood
'Philosophy in Georgia' by Magda Kobakhidze

Philosophy Pathways Issue 52 23 February 2003

'Reality: A knowledge beyond knowing' by Atul Aggarwal
'The Need for Spirituality' by D.R. Khashaba
Joad vs the USA: Oxford Union Debate 1950

Philosophy Pathways Issue 51 9 February 2003

'The Possibility of God: An Essay in the Philosophy of Religion' by John Paolini
'The (Im) Possibility of (Desire of) God: a Response to John Paolini' by Brian Tee
The New Pathways Conference

Philosophy Pathways Issue 50 26 January 2003

'Dehumanisation of Humanity: Feudal Period' by Munayem Mayenin
'Why Strain at a Gnat but Swallowa Camel?' by Tony Flood
'Philosophy Cafe and Socratic Dialogue in Melbourne' by Justin Woods

Philosophy Pathways Issue 49 12 January 2003

'His Tears Have Given Birth To Men: Freud, Nietzsche and the Dionysian Instinct' by David Allen Cook
Identity Cards in the UK - Yor Views?
'Gregory Benford' by Joel McKinnon


Philosophy Pathways Issue 48 29 December 2002

'Is it Reasonable to Fear the Death of Life?' by James Martin
'The Inevitability of Philosophy' by Henk Tuten
Letter from Kazakhstan: Yevgenia

Philosophy Pathways Issue 47 15 December 2002

'Freedom and Fairness' by Carmen Pavel
'Who was Cyrical Joad and What Did He Contribute to Philosophy?' by Richard Symonds
Question on Cheating

Philosophy Pathways Issue 46 1 December 2002

'Science and the Mind' by D.R. Khashaba
'Austrian Virtuelleschule' by Simone Klein
'Central School of Religion: a Short History' by Mark Gretason

Philosophy Pathways Issue 45 17 November 2002

'Dehumanisation of Humanity: Slavery' by Munayem Mayenin
Book List on Twentieth Century Philosophy
New Additions to the Pathways Book List

Philosophy Pathways Issue 44 3 November 2002

'Mini-Tractatus' by Henk Tuten
'Meeting with John Ralston Saul' by Colin Amery
Afterword to 'The Man Who Folded Himself': Two Replies

Philosophy Pathways Issue 43 20 October 2002

'Jean Piaget and Immanuel Kant: The Concept of the A Priori' by John Eberts
Letters from a Memphis School Teacher
Philosophy for Children: Meeting in Birmingham

Philosophy Pathways Issue 42 6 October 2002

'Nietzsche's Visionary Values--Genius or Dementia?' By Richard Schain
'Continental Community of Inquiry' Edited and Introduced by Matthew Del Nevo
Friedrich Nietzsche: Culture and Education

Philosophy Pathways Issue 41 22 September 2002

The Man Who Folded Himself: Afterword
Response to Ben Basing by Daniel Pech
Wood Paths

Philosophy Pathways Issue 40 8 September 2002

'On the Three Cultures - a view from the philosophical side' by Hubertus Fremerey
'What is Philosophy For?' by Ben Basing

Philosophy Pathways Issue 39 25 August 2002

'Science and Reality' by Martin O'Hagan
School Students Exam Success
Philosophical Society of England London Group

Philosophy Pathways Issue 38 11 August 2002

'Mind, Body and Personal Identity' by James Martin
Ask a Philosopher: some statistics
The Pathways Questionnaire

Philosophy Pathways Issue 37 28 July 2002

'Subjectivism and Solipsism' by D.R. Khashaba
Pathways to Philosophy: the first seven years
Three interesting e-mails

Philosophy Pathways Issue 36 14 July 2002

'Meditations Upon Rational Thought, Possibility and Education' by Francis Gilbert
Bibliography to Francis Gilbert's Article
Appendix: Rhys Griffith's Criteria for Independent Learning

Philosophy Pathways Issue 35 30 June 2002

Munayem Mayenin on the 'Dehumanisation of Humanity'
'Zero Ground' by Munayem Mayenin
In Memory of Rogers Albritton

Philosophy Pathways Issue 34 16 June 2002

'Strategy of "Immersion" in Historical Reading' by Dmitry A. Olshansky
Launch of the ISFP web site
International Society: Mission Statement

Philosophy Pathways Issue 33 2 June 2002

'God or Nature: The Evolutionist-Creationist Controversy' by D.R. Khashaba
'El Miedo a la Muerte' by Carlos Evia Rosado
The Pathways Online Conference - Three Months On

Philosophy Pathways Issue 32 19 May 2002

'Free Will, Fatalism and Determinism' by Martin O'Hagan
'The South Stoke Festival of Thought' by Richard Symonds
'Philosophical Society of England: Paying by Standing Order

Philosophy Pathways Issue 31 5 May 2002

'My Spectacles' by Jeffrey W. Barnes
Pathways: the Book?
Philosophical Society of England AGM 25 May 2002

Philosophy Pathways Issue 30 21 April 2002

'Epictetus and Stoicism' by Martin O'Hagan
Letter to Martin O'Hagan
A clue to the early history of the Philosophical Society of England (continued)

Philosophy Pathways Issue 29 7 April 2002

'Crockford's Philosophy' by Michael Brett
'What a Wonderful World' by Katharine Hunt
This Season's Silly Idea: a Philosophy T-Shirt

Philosophy Pathways Issue 28 24 March 2002

'Philosophy and Policing' by Larry Barksdale
'The Bigger Picture' by Michael Ward
New Element Discovered

Philosophy Pathways Issue 27 10 March 2002

'Foundations of Non-Classical Thinking' by Dmitry Olshansky
The International Society for Philosophers
Personal Reflections on the Shap Conference

Philosophy Pathways Issue 26 25 February 2002

'Toward a Radical Metaphysics' by Richard A. Schain
Poem by Jim Martin
'In Pursuit of the Amoralist'

Philosophy Pathways Issue 25 10 February 2002

'Professional Philosophy Outside the Academy: Philosophical Counseling' by Peter B. Raabe PhD
'The Chesterfield Group' by Paul Clark
Shap Conference Date Change: 22-14 February

Philosophy Pathways Issue 24 27 January 2002

'On "The Cloud of Unknowing"' by Michael Brett
'The Idea of Fellowship' by Katharine Hunt
Apology to Maushumi Guha!

Philosophy Pathways Issue 23 13 January 2002

'Science, Religion and Philosophy' by Dmitry Olshansky
Pathways Conference: Up and Away
Welcome to the New Pathways Mentors


Philosophy Pathways Issue 22 30 December 2001

'Philosophy Pathways' - Relaunch of Pathways Newsletter
'Wittgenstein's Poker - a Moment of Destiny' by Colin Amery
'The Examined Life' online philosophical journal

Philosophy Pathways Issue 21 9 December 2001

'Truth' by Ochieng Ombok
New Engines Added to the PhiloSophos Knowledge Base
Using the PhiloSophos Knowledge Base

Philosophy Pathways Issue 20 25 November 2001

'Ancient and Modern Philosophy' by Martin O'Hagan
Gallery of Philosophy Lovers
Pathways Online Conference: Last chance to join

Philosophy Pathways Issue 19 11 November 2001

Essay by Ana Gacis, Catherine McAuley High, Sydney
'Methodology of Scientific and Religious Cognition' by Dmitry A. Olshansky
Launch of philosophos.org - 10 November 2001

Philosophy Pathways Issue 18 28 October 2001

'The Outsider' - Colin Amery revisits Colin Wilson's Classic Existential Text
PhiloSophos Dot Com
'The Use and Value of Philosophy' - Pathways Internet Conference Update
Local Groups Update - Telephone Conferencing

Philosophy Pathways Issue 17 14 October 2001

Report on the European Education Technology Forum
'Have We Really Changed So Much?' by Andreas Margaritis
Local Groups News

Philosophy Pathways Issue 16 1 October 2001

The murder of Martin O'Hagan
'Red Hand Gang Shot Reporter' by Paul Melia and Ben Quinn
'Death Threat Past of Slain Journalist' by Paul Melia and Ben Quinn
'Philosophical Considerations on Discourse/ Praxis' by Martin O'Hagan

Philosophy Pathways Issue 15 23 September 2001

The Courage to Face Uncertainty. Essay by John Paolini
The European Educational Technology Forum
Hermeneutics in Russia

Philosophy Pathways Issue 14 9 September 2001

In Memory of Alberto Capizzano
'On First Reading Sartre's "Nausea"' Colin Amery
Admissions to Pathways, and Associate and Fellowship Diploma Programs

Philosophy Pathways Issue 13 19 August 2001

'The Melbourne Group' Justin Woods
'Citizenship, Thinking and Philosophy for Children' Katharine Hunt
Philosophical Society: Membership Subscriptions

Philosophy Pathways Issue 12 5 August 2001

"Doing Philosophy: Thinking Independently" John Paolini
Pathways Admissions Closed - Call for Mentors
"Saturday Night Latin" Michael Brett

Philosophy Pathways Issue 11 5 July 2001

SAPERE Level 1 Course, 9 - 10 June, Puriton, Somerset
Philosophy Cafe, 25 June, Exclusive Bookshop, Johannesburg
Mortimer J. Adler, December 28 1902 - June 28 2001

Philosophy Pathways Issue 10 17 June 2001

Launch of the 'Naive Metaphysics' e-book
Pathways at the European Educational Technology Forum
A clue to the early history of the Society

Philosophy Pathways Issue 9 3 June 2001

The Use and Value of Philosophy: Round Three
Brenda Almond's Inaugural Lecture
Links, Links and more Links!

Philosophy Pathways Issue 8 20 May 2001

'One Question is Worth Many Answers' by Karolos Gikas
Society AGM 26 May - Inaugural Lecture by Brenda Almond
Online Conference: Applying for an observer's password

Philosophy Pathways Issue 7 6 May 2001

'Philosophy for Children' by Katharine Hunt
Philosophical Society ASCII Poster
'Problems of Russian Philosophy' Call for papers

Philosophy Pathways Issue 6 22 April 2001

The Use and Value of Philosophy: Round Two
'Inspiration Renewed!' by Chris Schmaling
Top Ten Philosophy Sites: Competition

Philosophy Pathways Issue 5 31 March 2001

Your Top Ten Philosophy Sites
About.com Spotlight on Philosophy Programs
Who Will Employ Gladys Gilbert?

Philosophy Pathways Issue 4 11 March 2001

The Use and Value of Philosophy: Round One
'The Value of Philosophy' by Cliff North
Conference on 'Citizenship, Thinking and Philosophy for Children' at King Alfred's, Winchester, July 12th - 17th
'Russian literature and philosophy' Final call for papers

Philosophy Pathways Issue 3 23 February 2001

'The Shap Conference 2001' Report by Andy Lewis

Philosophy Pathways Issue 2 25 January 2001

Shap Conference 2001, Shap Wells Hotel, Cumbria
Conference on The Use and Value of Philosophy: Update

Philosophy Pathways Issue 1 8 January 2001

Pathways Conference on the Use and Value of Philosophy

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